Here's a selection of music from my long-past. Like vintage wine it gets better with age... until it goes off and makes you chuck. There's a lot of stuff missing and I don't have a lot of recordings. My DAT player's broke so I can't even play my old tapes. Also most of the C64 stuff comes from an old C90 tape with no dolby, so it isn't great quality.

Future Games - written by Brother Mike and Peter (GOF) Gough. A collection of little games, one of which I programmed! But it was rubbish...  
Chronos - by fellow St Helens types Steven and John Tatlock; Steven wrote it, John did the graphics. Ste discovered after the game was released that the program was running at half speed because of an assembler bug. Ha!

Ghouls & Ghosts - written by Wigan lover Steve Ruddy, who also wrote the music driver to my mostly confused specifications.

Title - Tune 1 - Tune 2 - Tune 3 - Highscore - Game Complete


Bionic Commando - again written by Steve Ruddy. Can't remember who did the graphics but it was proably Andrew (Threll) Threlfall.

Title - Tune 1 - Tune 2

LED Storm - bad title, again I think written by Steve Ruddy, although I might be wrong. I don't have many tunes recorded for this.

Title - Highscore


Solstice - designed by Mark Wilson, who also did the graphics. Programmed by Mike Webb. I've no recording of the in-game tune unfortunately!


Sky Shark - written by Steve Ruddy. Only have the title for this also! Sorry... Someone send me some mp3s!



Magic Johnson's Fast Break - I think programmed by Kevin Edwards, but I've no idea who did the graphics. I'd lost interest by then probably...


Silver Surfer - no idea who programmed this either. Possibly Steve Ruddy - probably. You're meant to sing along with the title theme, like singing 'Emmerdale Farm...'

Title - Tune 1 - Tune 2


Plok - written by John... I forget his name. Invented by John and Ste Pickford. Geoff did all the tunes originally, then the game underwent a revision half way through, so I did some.

Title - Tune 1 - Tune 2

X-Men - written by Brother Mike. Yet again comedy strikes in a 'game complete' moment. I can't help myself. The title reminded me of the A-Team, so I haven't included it here.

High Score - Game Complete - Swing!


Rock 'n' Roll Racing - one of the few projects I did for a company other than Software Creations while I was working there. All my fave rock tunes, so I couldn't turn it down!

Speed King - Paranoid - Born to be Wild

Time Trax - the only Sega Megadrive tunes I ever wrote, using an excellent - and never again used - driver written by Dean Belfield. Written while at Malibu Interactive.



Sly Spy - I can't remember anything about this at all. I don't think I ever played it. Oh well. Rubbish music anyway. And I can't find a screen shot of it so it must have been bad.


Ghouls & Ghosts - written at the same time as the C64 stuff, and mostly taken directly from it, apart from the title tune, which is completely different.


Here's something I did a while ago. It's Scatman Crothers from The Shining, along with other bits of the film soundtrack. Why, I don't know.

This is the title for Firearm from 1994, published by the short-lived Malibu Interactive. Brother Geoff is on 'vocals', doing an appalling cockney accent. You can tell how seriously we took the job...

This is also from Firearm, it's the closed-down funfair soundtrack. Not really music, but spooky non the less.

This is a soft-rock demo I did a long time ago. Can't remember what for.

This is something I did for a company called Funcom.

This is the title music for a project I did with Geoff - it was an audio adventure game, played on a PC. But nobody bought the idea!



Some links...

This is a link to 'The Follin Drome', a page I discoverd some years ago but had never bothered to look at again, presuming it'd disappeared. But it hasn't, and it contains a lot more tunes, some of which I'd forgotten I'd written. A very flattering page indeed!

This is my old Funhouse page, featuring my rant on St Helens, in case you wanted to see it again.